Neil Rubens (PhD)
Visiting Scholar
Stanford University


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We are working on developing Active Intelligence systems that learn actively in an unsupervised or semi-supervised manner.  These systems are utilized in a variety of projects in the domains of eLearning, Business Intelligence, and Knowledge Management.


Former Position:

Assistant Professor
Neil Rubens  ニール ルベンス
Active Intelligence Lab
AI (岡本/植野) Laboratory
University of Electro-Communications
Tokyo, Japan


Sebastien Louvigne (PhD 2016, Researcher)
Mikko Vilenius (PhD 2012, Researcher/Manager at JIEM Obunsha)
Meichieh Chen (PhD 2012, Researcher)
Xin Wan (PhD 2011; Associate Professor at WuHan Textile University)
Rafael Perez (MS 2010, PhD-ABD 2012; Senior Data Scientist at AppAnnie)


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