Spring: Null with @Inject

My Spring got rusty; and I’ve made a common mistake.  Surprisingly it was hard to find a solution to it; so I am providing one here in hope that it helps others.


I defined a class; that I wanted to be managed by spring.

public class AIConductorWorkflowStarter {

    AmazonSimpleWorkflow workflow;

Then I wanted to test it; so wrote the following in the JUnit test class:

public void startWorkflowSuccessfullyTest() throws Exception {

AIConductorWorkflowStarter starter = new AIConductorWorkflowStarter();          starter.startWorkflow(String.valueOf(System.currentTimeMillis()), "this is a descripton of a job");

Naturally, this wasn’t the right way of doing it so I got the null exception (nullpointerexception).


The reason for the exception is quite straightforward: “Spring cannot autowire / inject beans it doesn’t control (i.e. created with new)” [ref].

The fix is simple.

  • Add to AppConfig.java bean of your class; in my case:
    public AIConductorWorkflowStarter getAIConductorWorkflowStarter(){
        return new AIConductorWorkflowStarter();
  • Inject your bean into the Test class (or the class where you plan to use it):


public class AIConductorWorkflowStarterTest {

    AIConductorWorkflowStarter starter;




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