AWS-SWF: ExternalWorkflowStarter

When writing a distributed AWS-SWF app; you may want to have a separate module just for starting a workflow.

AWS guide suggests the following:

MyWorkflowClientExternalFactory factory = new MyWorkflowClientExternalFactoryImpl();
MyWorkflowClientExternal client = factory.getClient();

Since my settings are somewhat different (I am using Spring); it results in the following error (source code of the seed app on which this is based is on github):


java.lang.IllegalStateException: The required property genericClient is null. It could be caused by instantiating the factory through the default constructor instead of the one that takes service and domain arguments.


Just as a well designed error message have suggested; the problem was with using the wrong factory instantiating method.  Fixed this by adding the following:

    AmazonSimpleWorkflow workflow;

    String domain;


        AIConductorWorkflowClientExternalFactory factory = new AIConductorWorkflowClientExternalFactoryImpl(workflow, domain);



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