Changing Task list Registration Option of Activity Type (AWS Simpleworkflow Framework)


Once ActivityType is declared it is not possible to change it’s registration options (including task list).  Moreover, if we want to have a host/machine specific task list for an activity; this becomes tricky — requiring multiple task lists.


In your workflow implementation class; you can pass in the hostname (to the @Execute method); then just create ActivitySchedulingOptions and pass them to your activities clients; e.g.:

public class <YOUR>WorkflowImpl implements <YOUR>Workflow {

    @Execute(version = "0.0.4")
    public void process(String hostname) {

        ActivitySchedulingOptions options = new ActivitySchedulingOptions().withTaskList(hostname);

        <YOUR>activitiesClient.process(<ARGS>, options); // NOTE: options can be added as a last argument to any of the client's methods




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