Could not find artifact org.mongodb:casbah_2.10:jar:2.7.0-RC1 in oss-sonatype (


Problem 1

When including casbah via maven:


get the following error:

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project ... : Could not resolve dependencies for project ... : Could not find artifact org.mongodb:casbah_2.10:jar:2.7.0-RC1 in oss-sonatype (https

Caused by: org.eclipse.aether.resolution.DependencyResolutionException: Could not find artifact org.mongodb:casbah_2.10:jar:2.7.0-RC1 in oss-sonatype (


Need to specify pom type explicitly:


Also need to add repo:




NOTE: You may need to flash out old dependencies by

mvn clean install -U -X

Problem 2

In the beginning I was actually trying to include the sbt project into maven project; by adding to build.sbt:

publishTo := Some(Resolver.file("file",  new File(Path.userHome.absolutePath+"/.m2/repository")))

Everything was building fine (with “sbt publish”); but when I was trying to include the project in maven it would give the same error as in (Problem 1).

After a lot of digging around; the solution was to explicitly use pomOnly mode for the casbah dependency in build.sbt:

libraryDependencies += “org.mongodb” %% “casbah” % “2.7.0-RC1”pomOnly()




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