Gephi: Unit Tests (JUnit)


When I created a JUnit unit test for a Gephi’s module (NetBeans) there seemed to be no way to execute it; since the “Test”, “Test File”, “Run File” were all greyed out (disabled).


Right click on the module and select “Create NBM”; then restart gephi so that the module is re-initialized; this seems to fix it (may need to also execute Clean and Build and then Run).



This is an old and somewhat more detailed description of the problem


I tried to get unit tests set up for my gephi’s module (module’s zip).  It does not seem to work well; there are quite a few NullpointerExcpetions caused by Lookup and ImportController etc. It does look like that it is a problem caused by NetBeans rather than Gephi itself.

Even the most basic task does not seem to work:

        //Init a project - and therefore a workspace
        ProjectController pc = Lookup.getDefault().lookup(ProjectController.class);
        Workspace workspace = pc.getCurrentWorkspace();

        //Get controllers and models
        ImportController importController = Lookup.getDefault().lookup(ImportController.class);
        GraphModel graphModel = Lookup.getDefault().lookup(GraphController.class).getModel();

        File file = new File(getClass().getResource("/org/activeintel/gephi/les-miserables.gexf").toURI());

        //Import file
        Container container = importController.importFile(file);

        //Append imported data to GraphAPI
        importController.process(container, new DefaultProcessor(), workspace);

The following error is thrown:

GraphModel graphModel = Lookup.getDefault().lookup(GraphController.class).getModel();


Testcase: testDoTheDew(org.activeintel.gephi.DriverTest):	Caused an ERROR
	at org.activeintel.gephi.DriverTest.testDoTheDew




The work around was to create a regular netbeans project and then to included the toolkit.jar (which could be built by using ant).

Suggested approach is: (thanks Mathieu for pointing it out)

I have not tried it yet; will update the post as soon as I do.


For more information see comments at the very end of the post.



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