google 2-step authentication and android

Google accounts of two of my friends got hacked within a week; so I decided it is finally time to add 2-step authentication to my google account (Google Authenticator is a really nice product).  Banks in Europe had nice 2-step authentication procedures for quite a while; surprisingly US is lagging quite a bit in this respect; so it is nice to see that Google Authenticator is allowing to close this huge security hole.

Surprisingly; re-configuring my android to work with the new scheme was very difficult (on iphone it took me just a couple of clicks).  Basically there is not a place on android (as of 2.3.6) were you can change your password for google accounts.  All of my gApps no longer synced but none of them have prompted me for the password (turing phone on and off did not help).  After digging around the internet, I have finally found the following solution (that worked for me):

1) go to settings
2) go to applications
3) click on manage applications
4) click gmail
5) click clear data
6) reenter password when screen pops up…


For indexation purposes here are my search keywords:

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3 Responses to google 2-step authentication and android

  1. GN says:

    Thanks for solving my problem! A few of my mobile expert friends attempted and gave up and even suggested to buy a new phone after struggling to change the password! : ) : D : )

  2. Emanuel says:

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