Great Customer Service from Amazon AWS EC2

This month I was surprised with a rather hefty bill from AWS.  After looking into it more; it turned out that it was my error; I was trying out MongoDB AMI with EBS IOPS volume.  As with most disasters it was a compound mistake; first I accidentally allocated 10x more storage than intended; and then after shutting down the machine didn’t delete the volume.  Making things worse that the project budget had very little money left, so I’d have to pay out of my own pocket (from a modest academic salary).  I contacted AWS customer service, and they have been very understanding and generous; and have credited my account even though the error was on my side.  I have been a very happy AWS customer for quite a while; but this made me appreciate them even more.  For me, AWS is the only cloud platform that I would consider using in a long term.  They keep adding services, reducing prices, and provide a great customer service.

Thanks a lot AWS


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