Hosting Maven Repository for third-party jars on Git (Bitbucket/Github)


Not all of the jars are in the maven central repository, or in any publicly accessible repository.


Solution bellow is somewhat outdated; for the most up to date one see this post.

Maven repository is just a collection of folders/files so could be easily hosted on git (I prefer BitBucket; but the same instructions with minor modifications are applicable to GitHub as well).  p.s. also see alternatives section towards the end.

Install jars in a local maven repository.

Make a directory e.g. maven-repo/repository

cd into maven-repo

execute the following (replacing the arguments by the ones that are relevant to your jar):

mvn install:install-file -DgroupId=com.rapid_i -DartifactId=rapidminer -Dversion=5.3.006 -Dfile=/Users/neil/Desktop/TMP/mvn1/tmp/rapidminer.jar -Dpackaging=jar -DgeneratePom=true -DlocalRepositoryPath=./repository  -DcreateChecksum=true

Create a git repository (BitBucket/Github) and add jars to it

I created a repository called “maven-repo” under my username; and copied “mave-repo” folder created in a previous step and committed the changes.  (p.s.  SourceTree is awesome; if you don’t want to use command line).  Here is my public maven-repo for rapidminer.

Add repository config to your pom.xml

My pom.xml is bellow; you need to modify it to make it work for you:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project xmlns=""


    <!-- Dependency to jar on Maven Repository on Git-BitBucket -->

    <!-- Maven Repository on Git-BitBucket -->




The method outline above is mostly suitable for hosting third-party jars.  If you want to your jars on maven then this instructions are more appropriate (allows you to use mvn deploy):

This is an alternative of simply dragging along the jars with your project but making them usable by maven (SHOULD BE AVOIDED = MAVEN ANTI-PATTERN; ):



This post provides nice instructions similar to mine; with my modifications including adding checksums; using BitBucket, etc.

similar posts:

Official guide from maven “Guide to deploying 3rd party JARs to remote repository” :

Here is a post on attaching jar to artifact; although not sure how well it works in practice:

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  2. Rammohan says:

    Hi Neil Rubens,

    I have followed the way it is mentioned here to add my own specific dependent project to my own Git-maven repository. The dependent project is successfully placed in GIT maven repository and verified the jar download. It is perfect with the raw jar file but when I use the below pom stuff it is downloading the corrupted jar. In fact I was encountered the same issue with your below configuration as well



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