Research Grants/Funding in Japan (JSPS / MEXT / JST)

Here are some of my notes on applying for grants (kakenhi / 科研費) in Japan (a brief description of the grants, amounts, etc).


University and JSPS have strict deadlines (and by strict I mean non-negotiable) so make sure you do everything with plenty of time to spare (at least 1 week or more) there always some issues that need fixing.


Forms could be downloaded from
(scroll down to 研究者が作成する様式 Forms to be prepared by researchers)

Where h24 stands for heisei year (hYY); so use the appropriate year; also if the forms for this year have not been released yet, you can glance at the last year’s forms.

Note that not only the application itself is available, but also the guidelines on how it should be filled out.  Thankfully it is available in both Japanese and English (thanks 🙂 ).


Application could be submitted online 🙂 (wish it was like that for most of the things); the website is

You need ID and password to login; your university should have issued you one; if not ask them for one.

Once you are logged in click on the following to proceed:


This website is using frames; so that handicaps Chrome’s Google Translate.  Once the page is open; you can go to the frame’s url and translation should work.

Other Notes

if you are prompted for the password (e.g. in pdf) the password is your JST username/id

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