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After looking at variety of options for hosting MongoDB; it seems that Digital Ocean at $20/month is quite  bit better than the alternatives; coupled with the free admin interface of MongoLab.  Reasoning is in the sections bellow.


Typically my defacto choice is AWS-EC2; but in this case Digital Ocean seems like a better alternative. MongoDB does seem to work a lot better on SSD (ref); hence that is one of the requirements that I had; as well as at least 2 cores.

MongoDB provides preconfigured AMI on EC2 link; however none of them use SSD but instead rely on EBS (which was reported being somewhat slow for mongo (ref)). Even without the SSD the cheapest machine on which AMI could be deployed is m1.large at $144/month. On the other hand the cost of DigitalOcean was just $20/month (7x difference).

Feature/Host EC2 DigitalOcean
cost/month $144 $20
storage EBS SSD

Finally; MongoLab kindly provides their nice admin interface for even self-hosted instances.


MongoLab vs MongoHQ

Feature/Host MongoLab MongoHQ
cost/GB/mo $5 $18
storage HD SSD
limitations 8GB max for “inexpensive” shared instances; dedicated instances starting from $200/month

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4 Responses to MongoDB Hosting

  1. Jose says:

    Hello Neil,

    I would love to know a little bit more about how your experience with self-hosting and managing MongoDB instances with Digital Ocean has been so far. I am also contemplating self-hosted vs database-as-a-service solutions. My main concerns are the database server not being in the same location as the backend server and the difficulty to setup a production environment for MongoDB properly.


    • Neil Rubens says:

      The performance; and set up was quite nice.
      The unpleasant surprise is that Digital Ocean will keep charging you even your instance is not on; so be beware of that (very dubious practice if you ask me; so I am no longer using them for this reason).
      p.s. after a couple of emails back and forth they did credit me; but I’d rather go with AWS thats been treating me well over the years.

      • FMC says:

        Hi Neil,
        Doesn’t AWS do that as well? I thought the only way to avoid the charging was to stop _and_ destroy the instance.

        Thanks in advance

        • Neil Rubens says:

          In AWS, when you stop the instance; you are just paying for the EBS storage (used to store your instance’s data). Digital Ocean on the other hand charges you; as if your instance was still running.

          p.s. I am currently hosting most of my db’s on DynamoDB; while it doesn’t provide all of the functionality of MongoDB; administering it is very easy; so I think in the long term time-wise I came out ahead.

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