I was hoping that MongoDB would provide a REST API (same as CouchDB); for some reasons (perhaps security) it does not.  It does provide a lot of libraries (including JavaScript) so you may be able to use it directly.  Personally, I like the level of abstraction that REST provides.  Here are a couple of options for adding REST to MongoDB:

1) You can use Sleepy Mongoose  “sleepy.mongoose is a REST interface for MongoDB.”  For that you would need to be running your own MongoDB instance.

2) If you don’t mind hosting your MongoDB somewhere else; MongoLab is a great host (provides 240MB for free) (other hosting options); it provides a nice REST API (in addition to a nice administration UI):

MongoLab’s API exposes most the operations you would find in the MongoDB driver, but offers them as a RESTful interface over HTTPS. Documentation is here.


keywords: JSON MongoDB REST RESTful API mongodb rest api

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