Ordering Business Cards in Japan (Tokyo)

I spent about an hour (probably too much) looking at various options for ordering business cards in Japan.  Hopefully this post will save somebody a little bit of time.

There are quite a few companies that offer business card printing.  But after looking at variety of options; here are my (and in a way other bloggers) top choices.


Price: Very competitive price: 480 Y for 100 full colored cards (+ 200 Y for shipping) 1 week for delivery; I went for the 1 day option which was 1,500 Y (also quite reasonable) – (submitted data file at 11PM; cards were printed at noon of the next day; and delivered the on the next morning).

Great Interface: You can double check that the card looks fine through a very nice interface (p.s. I’ve used InkScape to design the card; and then uploaded pdf); you can easily track you submission etc.

Quality: Good



Choice for: For the best quality (offset printing) and numerous paper types.

Price: Reasonable (higher due to offset printing process)


Other Companies

I also looked at VistaPrint.jp but didn’t like the submission interface; and overall the site wasn’t quite as easy to parse; besides I wanted to support local Japanese companies and I think VistaPrint is not one of them.


Other Reviews

These business card printer’s reviews were also quite useful












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