Abstracted Writing: Focusing on the Abstract

During the paper writing process, it is typically recommended to write the abstract last.  Recently I somehow ended up writing the abstract first and the rewriting it as the paper progressed.  This approach is beneficial since it forces you to summarize what you have done so far, as well as to succinctly brainstorm about what else you would like to do.  Constantly focusing on the abstract forces you to succinctly think about the most crucial parts of your paper and the logical connections between them; which in turn improves how the body of the paper could be written.  In a way constantly rewriting of an abstract is abstracted brainstorming.  The problem with focusing mostly on the body of the paper is that you start drowning in details without often rethinking what the big picture is.  This has been working well for me so far, so I might change the way in which I write the papers; and have a catchy name of it already “Abstracted Writing” could almost start abstracting a paper on it  :-).

Another alternative is to keep re-focusing on the presentation i.e. Presentation Writing.  Will give this approach a try with my next paper.

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