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Unless you are in need quite a bit of data (at high speed); you can’t go wrong with any of the providers that for a ~ 3 EU provide 100’s min of talk time, 1,000 SMS, and ~ 1 Gb of data

In Lithuania there are not many 3G and LTE bands so you may want to check what percentage of bands your phone supports:

For my high data requirements ( 1+ Gb / day); I went with Labas (Bite).  For my wife I’ve got Pildyk (Tele 2).

Budget User

Recommendation: Pildyk

3 EU:  3 Gb, 60 min talk, 1000’s sms

major con: the upload speed could be quite bad: 0.1 – 1 Mpbs

High Data User

Recommendation: Labas

The only provider that gives you a 5x amount of daily data (5 Gb) for the same price of 0.58 EU (vs 1 Gb by the other providers).

minor con: relatively higher monthly fees (3 EU vs 1 EU) if you decide to keep it for longer than a month

Best Coverage / Speed

Recommendation: Ezyz

Ezys seems to have the best # of bands available; as well as best overall speed.

con: somewhat expensive; and predatory draining of your account balance via “standard” tariffs (once included data runs out).


see update from 2016.07

I am currently spending a couple of weeks in Lithuania (Druskininkai); and needed to have access to the internet on the go.  For 2 EU you can pick up a sim loaded with ~1GB of data and 100’s of minutes of talk time and 1,000’s of sms.  I have bought sims from competing companies Pildyk (Tele2), Ezys (OmniTel), Labas (Bite).



Initial cost is roughly the same.  However, once you initial data package is exhausted you will be faced with very significant differences.

Ezys is using a rather predatory tactics – once your prepaid internet data is exhausted it will start charging the outrageous 0.28 EU / 10MB (referred to as “default” rate).  I’ve burned through 10 EU; over a cup of coffee.  To add more data; you would need to get on a plan that incurs a monthly charge (you can stop it; but you might need to re-enable it each time you want re-start using the card); most plans come with 1GB; you can add more data by purchasing it.

1GB costs:
2.29 EU (validity: 30 days)

Pildyk has a fair pricing plan; where you just pre-pay for the data.  Once you run out it re-directs you to a page where you can purchase more.

1GB costs:
0.50 EUR (validity: 1 day)
1.00 EUR (validity: 7 days)
2.03 EUR (validity: 30 days)
(larger plans are also available; e.g 5 GB for 7 EU (valid for 30 days))

Many users probably easily burn through 1GB of data a week; in this case going with a weekly Pildyk plan provides a 2x cost advantage.



down: 42 Mbps
up: 22 Mbps

down: 20 Mbps
up: 15 Mbps

down: 7 Mbps
up: 0.7 Mbps


Speed-wise, Ezys is about 4x faster for both download and upload (mostly tested in Druskininkai; various locations and times).  These findings are consistent with this article.

p.s. Pildyk’s speeds (~4Mbps) were still sufficient for skype/viber calls.

Tweak: in some locations Pildyk’s LTE upload speed was very slow (even though almost full bars were shown); forcing the phone to use 3G fixed the problem.


I went with Pildyk since its pricing was fair and speed quite sufficient.

I wouldn’t mind paying more for a 4x speed of Ezys; by their tactic of draining any remaining balance on your account was extremely off-putting if not illegal (I hope somebody will launch a class action suit against them).

Update: 2016.07

Am staying in Lithuania (Druskininkai) again; hence a brief update.

There are new packages (bought them at Iki & Maxima but should be available elsewhere)

  • Labas (~3 EU): 1 GB of data, 350 min, 5,000 sms
  • Pildyk-Tele2 (~3 EU): 3GB of data and 60 min talk time; and ? sms
  • Ezys-Omnitel (~2 EU): 1 GB of data, 250 min talk time; and 6,000’s sms

This year I have a phone with dual sim; which allow me to take advantage of two providers; I ended up with Labas for my high-data needs (1Gb+ / day); and Ezys for making the calls etc. (and as a backup high-speed internet)

Pildyk’s speed has improved; but still lags behind Ezys; particularly with regards to upload speed which could be quite slow on Pildyk (0.2 mbps) vs Ezys (1 mbps).

Both have night plan with unlimited traffic for ~1 EU (up to 1TB); however Pildyk provides free data on the weekends (day and night time); which is great.

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  1. Marcus says:

    That’s strange, most of the times I stay in Lithuania (it’s pretty often these days) I use . I don’t understand you anger towards ezys. You just need to know how much of the data you’ll need for the stay. Even though the cost of internet data without any plan is higher, the plans are actually cheaper and as you said the internet is faster. But that’s unless the prices has changed since my last visit. Nevertheless, great review.

  2. TEMI says:

    How can I check my remain internet data on PILDYK, on my mobile phone free or on internet?

  3. SomeGuy who is going to Lithuania for whole summer and proboly wont update this comment beacuse he wont care later says:

    pildyk speed with my s6 edge is 6MB download and 1MB upload its very fast

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