PubMed Dataset

It was surprisingly difficult to find the place to download PubMed dataset.  After searching around I have finally found the official site for doing so:

XML for Data Mining via FTP

The files below contain XML (and only XML) files for ALL PMC open access articles. These files were created for users who need PMC XML for data mining and processing purposes, but do not need PDFs, images, or supplementary data.


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  1. José De Jesús says:


    I looking for a dataset that I can explore and use to practice currently learned data mining tools. I’ve downloaded the articles I-Z.tar.gz from the PubMed Dataset but I am unable to open and study the inner files because of the .nxml format. I’m new to all this and have never used .nxml format. I’m looking to use the data set on R and downloaded it because it said it contained .xml files.

    ¿How can I open these .nxml format files to view their contents?

    Thank you,


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