Resolving @ContextConfiguration(classes={AppConfig.class}) error (Spring JavaConfig)


has given a lot of cryptic error messages

in the end solution was very simple to upgrade the Spring to the latest version; in my case it was: 3.0.7.RELEASE -> 3.2.3.RELEASE

Some people suggested to include the following; but it works fine for me without these dependencies.





Here are some of the error messages:

Cannot resolve method ‘classes’

There is the following compilation error:
error: cannot find symbol @interface ContextConfiguration


search crumbs keywords:

Searched for spring maven 11:48am
  Maven Repository: spring – – Viewed 2 times 11:48am
Searched for asm maven 11:43am
  Maven Repository: asm » asm-commons – 11:43am
Searched for spring java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannot load configuration class 11:41am
  Spring 3.1 Java based configuration –… – 11:42am
  Spring 3 JavaConfig example – – – Viewed 3 times 11:42am
Searched for maven cglib 11:00am
  Maven Repository: cglib » cglib –
Searched for Can not load an ApplicationContext with a NULL ‘contextLoader’. Consider annotating your test class with @ContextConfiguration 10:37am
  JUnit custom runner with Spring application… – 10:37am
  Testing with Spring and Maven: applicationCon… – 10:37am
Searched for spring 3 AnnotationConfigApplicationContext 10:10am
  AnnotationConfigApplicationContext – 10:10am
  Spring 3 JavaConfig example – – – Viewed 3 times 10:12am
Searched for spring 3 ApplicationContext 10:09am
  ApplicationContext – Spring Web Services… – 10:09am
Searched for spring ApplicationContext 10:09am
  Spring ApplicationContext – Java Tutorial Blog –
Searched for cannot resolve symbol ApplicationContext 10:07am
  spring – Intellij ApplicationContext… – 10:07am
  xml – How to create TestContext for Spring… – – Viewed 2 times 10:08am
  Spring 2.5: Eclipse reports “JUnit4ClassRunne… – 10:08am
  5. The IoC container – Spring Web Services… – 10:09am
Searched for spring use ContextConfiguration class 10:04am
Searched for ContextConfiguration 10:04am
  java – Spring @ContextConfiguration how… – 10:04am
Searched for IDEA-96954 9:36am
  IntelliJ IDEA 12.1 129.17 Release Notes… – 9:36am
Searched for cannot find symbol @interface ContextConfiguration 9:35am
  AWS Developer Forums: AWS Flow Framework… – 9:34am
  ContextConfiguration (Spring Framework API 2.5) – 9:35am
  xml – How to create TestContext for Spring… – – Viewed 2 times 9:35am
  Buildfile: c:\EspacePro\aws-java-sdk-1.3.9\sa… – 9:35am
  IntelliJ IDEA 12.1.4 Build 129.713 /… – 9:35am
Searched for spring jboss 9:23am
  java ee – Spring vs Jboss – Stack Overflow – 9:23am
Searched for cannot resolve method classes ContextConfiguration 9:13am
  Spring jUnit Testing – either can not… – 9:14am
  java – Failed to load ApplicationContext… –
Searched for ContextConfiguration appconfig 9:12am
Searched for spring @ContextConfiguration classes appconfig 9:02am
  Configuration – Spring Web Services – Parent – 9:02am
Searched for spring @ContextConfiguration classes 9:01am
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  java – Spring test – @ContextConfiguration… – 9:02am
Searched for FlowSpringJUnit4ClassRunner 8:54am
  FlowSpringJUnit4ClassRunner (AWS SDK… – 8:54am
Searched for aws WorkflowScope 8:30am
  AWS Developer Forums: Safely using singleton-… – 8:30am
  IntelliJ: AWS Flow Framework (SWF) |… – – Viewed 2 times
Searched for spring 3 javaconfig @bean 10:47am
  Apache Camel: Spring Java Config Example – 10:47am
  Configuration Enhancements in Spring 3.1 – 10:47am
  Spring 3.1 Java Configuration of a Spring… – 10:47am
  Configure beans in spring 3.x using @Configur… – 10:47am
Searched for spring javaconfig @bean 10:46am
  Apache Camel: Spring Java Config – 10:46am
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Searched for spring-javaconfig/docs/ 9:26am
  Spring Java Configuration | – – Viewed 2 times 9:26am
Searched for java spring bean annotation 9:23am
  Chapter 4. Creating and using bean definitions – 9:23am
  java – Spring, working with @Configuration… – 9:23am
  Spring Java Based Configuration – Tutorials… – – Viewed 2 times 9:23am
Searched for spring bean java autowire 9:20am
  Spring Auto-Wiring Beans with @Autowired… – – Viewed 2 times 9:20am
  Spring @Autowired Annotation – Tutorials Point – 9:20am
  java – How does autowiring work in spring?… – 9:20am
  Spring beans autowiring concepts | How… –


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