Server access Error: PKIX path building failed


Server access Error: PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target url=


After quite a bit of search; found solution to a related bug here:

sudo /var/lib/dpkg/info/ca-certificates-java.postinst configure


keywords: mongo db mongodb casbah sbt scala ubuntu


Searched for casbah sbt 3:32pm
  1. Getting Started — Casbah (MongoDB… – 3:32pm
  1. Tutorial: Using Casbah — Casbah… – 3:33pm
  Example SBT build.sbt file (with MongoDB… – 3:33pm
Searched for casbah ubuntu 3:31pm
  mongodb – Can’t resolve casbah as a sbt… – 3:32pm
Searched for ubuntu sbt 3:27pm
  Getting Started with sbt — Installing sbt – 3:27pm
Searched for ubuntu sbt ppa 3:27pm
  Getting Started with sbt — Installing… – 3:27pm
Searched for webupd8 java 15.04 3:22pm
  WebUpd8 Ubuntu PPAs Status – 3:23pm
Searched for java vivid vervet 3:21pm
  Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) Flavors Ready… – 3:21pm
Searched for ubuntu wiki 3:21pm
  Ubuntu – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – 3:21pm
Searched for casbah sbt 3:21pm
Searched for ubuntu make more space boot 2:33pm
Searched for Host not found 2:32pm
Searched for apt-get cleanup 2:32pm
Searched for PKIX sbt 1:35pm
  java – Different ssl-certs delivered… – 1:35pm
Searched for casbah mongodb 1:32pm
  1. Tutorial: Using Casbah — Casbah… – 1:32pm
Searched for casbah 1:31pm
Searched for sbt new project 1:31pm
Searched for Host not found 1:18pm
  Sbt install: You probably access the… –
Searched for casbah maven 1:10pm
  Maven Repository: org.mongodb » casbah-core_… – 1:10pm
  1. Getting Started — Casbah (MongoDB… – 1:10pm
Searched for PKIX sonatype 1:09pm
  Fix https repository blocking by PKIX… – 1:09pm
  security – Sonatype Nexus – unable to… – 1:09pm
Searched for casbah maven 1:02pm


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