Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, EBS…)

In order to pull data from Twitter I used Amazon Web Services to run programs collecting data and backing it up.

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud EC2 is a web service that provides compute capacity in the cloud. The Web interface is easy to use and allow users to create customized virtual computing environment. You pay only for what you use and you may even have Free Usage Tier for 1 year. When you create a new instance you download a Private key file (.pem) which is important to save to connect later to this instance.

AWS Management Console is a web interface that gives access to all Amazon Web Services. From there we can create and manage instances, volumes, buckets… and supervise the capacity of memory and transactions used by these instances.

Amazon Simple Store Service S3 is a storage service over Internet where we can store and retrieve data from anywhere on the Web. Each bucket created and file stored can be accessed using a single URL. Permission accesses can be set up for each file. Same as other Amazon Web Services you pay only for what is used and the space goes up to 5TB.

Amazon Elastic Block Store EBS is storage volume service from 1GB to 1TB. Storage volumes can be mounted as devices on Amazon EC2 instances. Several volumes can be mounted on the same instance but 1 volume can only be mounted on 1 instance. The difference with Amazon S3 is that Amazon EBS volumes can be used as boot partitions and point-in-time snapshots to recover data.

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