Social Media peers messages for Learning Motivation

Learning happens constantly by observing and interacting with other people. This is the main idea of Social Constructivism which views learning as a process of constructing knowledge rather than simply copying instructions, via interactions in social environments with teachers, parents, peers or “More Knowledgeable Others”.

Social Constructivism also considers the effects and importance of psychological functions during interactions. In addition to the level of expertise, learning also depends on behaviors, emotions and motivation from the different actors of a learning process. For example, we don’t learn the same way from someone showing passion, enthusiasm and motivation in teaching or from someone showing little interest in the subject.

Motivation also play an important role in learning and a prominent factor of motivation consists in the strong connection between pedagogical goals and purposes for learning. Learning goals are efficient when linked with learner’s needs and purposes because they want to know the reasons why learning is important for them, making it more meaningful.

That’s why we designed a recommender system implemented as a web application where we can 1) express our own goals and purposes for learning, 2) observe other messages from peers sharing the same goal but for different purposes, and 3) evaluate perceptions on different properties related to the goal and the learner.

This goal-based messages recommender web application is available here: Goal-based Recommender System

More details on the slideshow presented at the Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED) international conference in June 2015, in Madrid:

View slides on Slideshare

S. Louvigné, Y. Kato, N. Rubens, and M. Ueno, “SNS messages Recommendation for Learning Motivation”, Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED), 2015, pp. 237-246.

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